May Be Busy

What a powerful force: inertia. I blogged daily for over four months, then abruptly stopped and suddenly found myself at the end of the month.

So what happened in May that kept me away? Everything. I went to Canada and then my Dad came down. We had a perfect visit with Dad and Liz. We are winding up the final two fundraisers/events of the school year. We’ve had a going-away party for one of Little Red’s classmates who is moving to Greece (but will attend an Italian school so she can rejoin the class in three years.) Teacher appreciation week was a success. I’ve started teaching piano. I’ve been keeping on top of cleaning our home (well, everything except MY bedroom, of course!) Six of my friends had babies (not all locally, however.) Five of my friends locally had surgery within the same week.

And then our home phone and internet were cut off because someone was fiddling with the wires.

Now it’s almost June, and while life doesn’t look to ever slow down, I expect to feel a little more in control over my daily pace. Life is such a beautiful thing and I don’t want to waste a minute of it.

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