School’s Out For Summer

My Little Red is growing up!  At this time last year we were still so undecided about sending him to school or holding him back another year.  This time last year I was reading “Outliers” which told me quite clearly that he should wait a year before starting, not to mention the pressure from everyone else to hold him back.  And yet I thought we should do it anyway.

Boy am I glad we did!  Every single day I received a reaffirmation that we had done the right thing.  He may have been the youngest (by more than a year in some cases) and the shortest boy, and a redhead who sucks his thumb, but he blossomed in that class, forged some really strong friendships, and thrived academically.  We even have a certificate from the Italian Consolate to prove it.  (I think.  I haven’t sat down yet with google translator to figure out what it says but my best estimate is that it certifies the number of hours he completed in intensive Italian language training in case we ever move somewhere else and want to continue at level.)

I tried to list all the ways I love the school: the administration, the staff, the size, the location, the garden. But when listing them out it somehow decreases how precious it is.  I tried to list all the ways I love his class: his teacher, the students, the families.  Again the list just paled in comparison to how I really feel.  This exactly class, this exactly group of children, parents, and siblings, is exactly where we need to be.

I’m glad school is over.  I really missed Little Red.  But I’m excited for him to get back with his friends for their summer school in August, and also excited for him to start grade 1.  It’s impossible to mourn the passing of time when there is so much fun.  I’m enjoying every minute of this.

2 thoughts on “School’s Out For Summer

  1. Isn’t inspiration wonderful!

    As you know, my opinion (and that is all I’m entitled to when it comes to your family) was to keep him home another year. Obviously, that isn’t what the Lord had in mind for him. What an amazing year you have had. What a blessing.

  2. So glad he had such a great year! He’ll get to go to the same school next year, right? Can’t wait to hear about another year of adventures 🙂

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