The Cats

Cat Condo

Originally uploaded by Proud Mum

More than a year ago the boys were pretending one day to be cats. They were crawling on the floor, they were rubbing their heads against our legs, and most importantly, they were mewing. As the good Angelenos that they are they were very comitted to their character.

So we asked these cute cats if they had any names, and they replied instantly as though they had always been called such. The bigger one mewed out “Muddy.” (Quite apt for a part played by a four year old boy, I thought.) The smaller one, when it was his turn, replied that his name was “Microphone.” (And for a child with only two volumes, this was also very appropriate!)

The names have stuck, and frequently the cats come back to play. On Sunday, however, when we were enjoying our 4th of July BBQ feast and Paul’s uncle’s house, Microphone went to a whole new level, at the top of the cat condo. (Muddy is too large and we were not sure how much weight that condo could support.)

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