Too Darn Hot

This was the best early summer So Cal has ever had.  June gloom did it’s job, and even hung out for the beginning of July.  But slowly the temperatures crept up and suddenly we were blasted yesterday with temperatures ten degrees higher than predicted.  Yep, it’s summer.  And lucky for us, that is exactly when our a/c which was never good in the first place, took a bad step with it’s arthritic legs. 

I awoke hot yesterday morning.  I’m not hot when it is 72 degrees, which is what it should have been.  And it was hot all day, the indoor temperature, once I started monitoring it, never dipping below 80 degrees.  It’s too hot to cook.  It’s too hot to clean.  It’s too hot to do anything.

Last night we slept with ice packs.  And by morning it was a crisp 77 degrees.  (We had the thermostat set to 68 last night, in high hopes.)  Today I’m calling the landlords.  It’s so hot I’m not even worked up about giving them a ring.  I don’t care how mad they get that they have to spend money.  I don’t care that they think I’m trying to rob them of their lifelong savings.  I don’t care about anything. 

I’m going to call them, and then I’m going swimming.  If you need me, look for three little boys and one hot mama.  (and I don’t mean hot to be attractive.)

3 thoughts on “Too Darn Hot

  1. Yes, I LOVED the early summer, but this now is just about enough, especially with no A/C. At least we got ours working (with a little bit of complaining to my realtor and home warranty people who somehow got messed up and didn’t include A/C coverage in our home warranty). Have fun swimming! I might just hit the pool today too.

  2. Our house hasn’t gotten below 80 in days. We’ve got swamp coolers and they’re basically useless when there’s any humidity whatsoever in the air. Its not humid here *AT ALL* compared to nashville, but the swamp coolers haven’t done anything other than blow hot air since the rainstorm on Sunday. I couldn’t even sleep last night it was so hot! We’re out of bread so I have to make a big batch today. I’m sooooo wishing I had one of those outdoor kitchens like those old victorian houses. Ahhh, autumn (and baby!), come already!!!!

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