Summer Runon

We went to travel town today, with some old friends who live near and remain dear and some old friends who have moved away and will again, we saw Mark Wahlberg but it didn’t register for any of us until he walked away, it’s just that hot, but he’s also not the first celebrity we’ve seen there, just so you know if you care about those things which we really don’t, and we were all so tired there was none of the “I missed you guys so much and tell me all about living in France and how do you feel about moving to India?” business, just another playdate as usual, and not the last before they leave.
This run-on sentence was brought to you today by our oscillating tower fan, and the hope that when the a/c technician comes tomorrow between 7 am and 11 am, that we will get some results, because what’s more romantic that slipping ice packs between the sheets?


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