All Is Well

I was stunned at the request that I had always somehow known was coming, and teased with things like “don’t you people know I play the piano? I’ve been here for six years and not one music calling yet.” and “you know I make a really good secretary.” I wasn’t trying to back out, I was just trying to lighten the mood because this is big.

The spiritual welfare of 40 children? That’s a whole lot bigger than just taking the attendance and sending out some emails. It’s a whole lot bigger than providing the music or counselling someone else.

I was overcome with the impact of the responsibility of it all, but that was quickly replaced with the comfort of knowing that I was not alone. My staffing was clear to me, and with counsellors by my side I knew I could do what was required of me.

On Friday night as I was putting the boys to bed I was telling Little Red that starting on Sunday I’ll get to be with him in primary again. He wrapped his arms around my neck and said, “I love you, Mummy, you’re the best!” Again, I was nearly overcome. He’s just so sweet, they all are; what a noble stewardship. “This is big,” I told Paul. He replied that I will be great because I recognize that, and that as long as I remember that this is big, I will be just fine.Β He wasn’t worried, he said, because he knows me well enough to know that I’m not going to forget something important like that.

Today everything is official. While I wasn’t released from my secretarial duties (and felt bad to leave Kathy flying solo, but her husband, the bishop, had given her the head’s up and she came to give me a hug) we started fresh with primary. I have loved my year in relief society more than I’ve loved any other calling. It was so fulfilling, so enriching, and so uplifting. But by the end of church today I thought “relief so-what?” We’ll be in the swing of things in no time, and primary is so much fun.


14 thoughts on “All Is Well

  1. naturally, i don’t know the ends and outs of callings and so forth, but i have no doubt you carry the kind of spirit that will nourish the minds and hearts of little ones. if i had little ones, i’d be totally at ease with you helping guide them… and i’m pretty picky with my non-existing children. πŸ™‚

  2. Seriously, you haven’t had a music calling??? I *don’t* play piano, and that’s all I can get. 😦

    You have an awesome responsibility, but you are an awesome person and I know you’ll do an awesome job. (Heh. How’s that for overuse of a word?). So, congratulations!!!

    1. haha, I don’t play piano either and I’ve been called as the RS piano player! (of course, when I said, “Well…I don’t even know where middle C is…but if you’re SURE, i could start learning.” they reconsidered πŸ˜› )

    2. I was primary pianist when we left Virginia. When we moved here we said, “hi, we’re new, put us to work, and by the way Heather has a degree in piano.” Activities Committee, Transportation Coordinator, YW everything, Primary 2nd Counsellor (twice,) RS Secretary, and now Primary Presidency. When they called me to this I said, “what do I have to do to get a music calling around here?” Paul added “she has a DEGREE in piano.” They told me to come back when I have my doctorate in piano. In the meantime I’m the primary president.

      1. Every ward, the first question we’re asked is, “Do you play piano?” And the answer is always “No, sorry.” So I get stuck leading music. Ches gets to lead music or be music coordinator, and he gets to teach (he’s taught a lot of teenage Sunday School). I hate how we only get callings that are our jobs in real life, too. I’m tired of waving my arm around. No one is looking anyway. There are plenty of other musical people in the ward, but apparently WE are the only ones who can lead. πŸ˜› They all get to have callings outside of music.

        No, I’m not bitter in the least.

  3. I was the primary song leader for a few months while we were in Scottsdale, but other than that, the calling I have now (ward choir) is the only music calling I have been given. I actually find that I don’t enjoy the music callings like I thought I would. I loved the primary president and first counselor jobs much more…

    I get asked all the time though, if I play the piano. Sometimes I wish I had taken my piano lessons more seriously. Or taken some up at Ricks… just so I could help. Most of the time though, they ask me with baited breath, if I can play the organ… um. no.

    1. Our organist is nearly blind. If I wasn’t REALLY supposed to be the primary president I’d be the organist before the end of the summer. Actually, at the rate things are going I might just end up being both. Stay tuned.

  4. congratulations on your new calling! I have another friend that just got called as Primary Pres, too!

    To go along with the discussion, I’ve only ever had two musical callings. I was ward choir director for a month (before we moved to the west side of ABQ) and I was the ward sacrament music coordinator. Shane on the other hand has had (and still has) lots of musical callings. He has more than one at the moment. I know he’s ready to be done with them but not quite ready to move on to something else yet.
    (in our ward, we have multiple organists that rotate weeks, and yes, they have other callings.)

    You’ll be a fantastic primary president! Just remember, you can’t do everything yourself, and don’t expect perfection from the people you have doing other stuff and you’ll be great!

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