It Is Late

Dear Children,

please go to sleep. My brain does not turn on until yours are peacefully sawing logs. Until I know that I will not be interrupted at uneven intervals of 1 to 10 minutes, I can’t focus on anything. I don’t really want to spend my night playing Bubble Spinner but I’m not capable of doing anything productive. I can hear you playing. I am so happy that you two are best friends. There is nothing better in the world. But please, please, please go to sleep and resume your play in the morning. This whole staying up late and getting up early is killing me and I have so many big projects going on. Not to mention that as your mother, chef, and maid, I’ve got a lot of practical things on my plate, too.

I love you, very very much.
But I have promises to keep
and miles to go before I ssszzzzzzzzzzzzz

(Kodaly, I think I need to reschedule our date for tomorrow.)

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