We’re SO LA Now!

Wednesday night, after exchanging my boys for Stacey, and we headed over the hill, skipping the freeway, into Hollywood. It’s becoming routine for us, that her husband watches the boys and that she and I go out to Paul’s show, but as it was now summer the sun was setting (instead of set) as we went over Outpost. We saw the most amazing view of the Hollywood sign and the Griffith Observatory and everything was golden in the setting sun. It was truly stunning. If I wasn’t driving up a windy road, and I had my camera, I would have taken a picture that wouldn’t have done it justice anyway. At the same time we got a clear view of the city below, and amazingly the whole scene was without the brown cloud. Even more miraculously, our drive was seasoned with several very courteous drivers.

Paul’s show was a lot of fun. Several of our friends/family showed up, and some of his workmates, too. I felt a little like I was playing hookey to skip out on a Wednesday night, hang out with my friends, watch a comedy show, and keep the boys up to obscene hours, but it was fun. Everything just went so smoothly, perfectly, wonderfully, fun-ly.

After we said our congratulations to Paul and the rest of his classmates, met the owner of ACME, Dan, who was a very genuine person, said our good-byes to all the friends who’d come from all around, and admired the red Ferrarri parked in front of the theatre, we headed back to the car when Paul sent me a text.

“I made Bravo company!!!”

Without taking the Improv class, which we thought to be the next step, he was invited into one of ACME’s regularly performing groups! This means that on Mondays he participates in a pitch session and on Saturdays they perform the best sketches. What a great honour! We’re so excited! But of course, for me it’s still sinking in that my husband is part of a comedy troupe.


4 thoughts on “We’re SO LA Now!

    1. There are videos on my fb page. (Click “video”) But I didn’t tape any of this show for two reasons.
      #1 he was complaining that it was embarassing (“what are you, my Mom?”)
      #2 the signs saying “no video” were a lot more prominent this time and I’m not as much of an anarchist as I would like to believe

  1. Congrats to Paul,and to you! Great nights out are a lifesaver for moms. And when they can include watching your husband in a comedy troupe! What’s better?!

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