So Long, Black Ford

That car saw me through a lot in three short years.  That was the car I drove up the hill when I was tutoring, it was the car in which I cried down the hill when I lost that job.  Black Ford was the car that allowed me to begin watching Aiden on a temporary basis.  And it was the car that enabled us to see so many museums and parks and friends during the 2+ years that Aiden has been the daytime brother.  With it’s unbelievably spacious trunk area I could keep that behemoth of a double stroller of mine in the back at all times during high use and still go shopping at Costco if needed.  That back space was also the perfect place for diaper changes, and change-the-boys-into-their-pjs-after-Disneyland-so-they-can-sleep-on-the-way-home space.  We have a lot of memories with that car.  And if we didn’t have it, we wouldn’t have had Aiden and which turned out to be a lifesaver during those ten long months during which Paul was unemployed.

But Black Ford was a lease.  As much as I hate the idea of leasing a car I felt okay about it when we did it for this car, and it did turn out to be a good thing.  This summer, as so many things are winding down and changing, our lease was winding down as well.  Every other week we received letters from local Ford dealerships to please turn in our lease early (we had until October) because the 2007 Ford Edge is such a popular car they wanted to hurry up and sell it!  As we began to explore our end-of-lease options (and we did consider buying the car outright, but that didn’t fit our changing needs) we discovered that we actually had equity on our lease. 

The car shopping was not nearly as gruelling as it sometimes is, but I think that’s as much because I just let Paul run off to the dealerships by himself on all but one occaision.  In the end he chose a car that will suit my needs for the first few weeks, and suit his needs for the next ten years.  Short of the sex appeal of a Mustang (what he and Little Red really wanted) or a Ferrari (which Boy Blue thought he should buy) it has all the bells and whistles we could want, and a couple of extras.  I am happy because we got a great deal on a great car, Paul is happy that in a few weeks he won’t have to show up to business meetings in a “fratboy clunker”, and the dealership is happy that all the money -and more!- that they didn’t make on the sale of our car they will more than make up for when they sell our Edge. 

I’ll admit that I was emotional when Paul and the boys drove off in Black Ford for the last time  (I had to stay and teach a lesson.)  It was a great car and we have a lot of memories.   (But we have my beloved Focus (Silver Ford), and our new Milan, named Grigio, is going to give us a decade of great memories, too.  We didn’t lease this one.)  Black Ford’s going to make someone else very happy now.

6 thoughts on “So Long, Black Ford

  1. It’s always weird when a lease is up and you have to take the car back. But soon enough you learn to love the replacement. I hope “soon enough” comes soon enough. 😉

  2. I got all nostalgic after we lost our old car. We’d had it almost the entire time Jaedin’s been alive! I hope your new car has lots of awesome memories too 🙂

  3. i hope you hugged it. i did that. hugged a car once. a blue ford. it was a pickup really. and i was 4. but i loved it. and i hugged it when my father sold it. and it sounds like you needed to hug black ford. i hope you did!

  4. I feel your pain. We sold the Silver Bullet just before moving to Ohio. That little truck saw Paul through Ricks, he proposed to me in it, I learned to drive stick-shift in it – now there’s a funny story – I should tell – Anyway, the list goes on. I miss that truck. There is a similar truck on our new street and every time I turn onto the street and pass that truck I have a sort of wistful feeling in the pit of my stomach. Seems silly – it was just a truck after all, but in some ways it felt like family. 😀

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