Hallowe’en 2010

October 31, 2010

I could not believe my luck when this year the boys’ first choices for costumes were Captain Hook and Peter Pan.  It being two years since they were Peter Pan and the Lost Boy, Boy Blue is now the perfect size for the Peter Pan costume!  Certainly, if I had had to make two costumes this year instead of one, I’d have taken the children to the Goodwill costume section and said “choose something from this rack.”  In the end I’m very pleased with the way it all turned out, even if Peter Pan, that rascal, has misplaced all five of the red feathers I originally bought for the hat two years ago.

Happy Hallowe’en!


I Think She Knows Me Better Than I Know Myself

October 28, 2010

Me: Why is my life so busy?
How did this happen?
I remember a time when I lamented that playgroup was only once a week per playgroup. I had two going at the time and actively searched to fill the other days with playdates and other activities. Now I hope that one of us gets sick so I have an excuse to stay home.

Her: oh Heather, you totally just made me laugh. It sounds like you have a case of ‘be careful what you wish for’ itis. Whoever said that you have more time once your kid goes to school obviously sent their kid to boarding school. (and only had one child).

Me: Thanks, I needed that!

Her: maybe we should stop taking applications for new friends while we’re at it. “Sorry, I have more friends than I have time for….I could put you on a waiting list though. Becky is moving in a few months so there may be an opening then. Do you have a current TB test?”

Today’s Miracle

October 27, 2010

The going is slow

But at least it is going

Today’s miracle

“Thank you for caming Home”

October 25, 2010

No spelling help from Mum. (Daddy’s been busy lately, can you tell?)


October 24, 2010


Either they’re all being nice

Or I’ve got them fooled.

What Were You Doing?

October 10, 2010

So very fitting

Singing “I Believe in Christ”

Ten:ten, ten/ten/ten

Perchance to Dream

October 10, 2010

I dreamt while I napped

Happy, creative learning

The future is bright