*I’ve been telling myself that it’s only been a couple of week since I last posted, mentally composing a list of posts to blog when I finally sit down. I’m nearing the two-month mark with a new commitment to add this back into my new life.*

Each morning (except Tuesdays) I strap Boy Blue into the stroller and head out for an hour-long walk. I used to be a walker, and am trying to get back into the habit. It feels good. It’s my only opportunity in the day to think, and to slow down (my brain that is, I keep a pretty good pace.)

Today as I crossed the footbridge on my way home, the same footbridge over the same freeway that I’ve been walking for six years, it occurred to me that how I walk that bridge directly correlates to how I walk my life.

I tend to watch the ground as I walk. I like to see what’s coming and maneouvre the stroller without loosing speed. But the ground is dirty and graffitied. The side walls are chain link and they slope inward above, to provide optimal protection from the freeway below. Safety first, of course, but there’s nothing pretty about it. With the right frame of mind it’s downright prison-like.

But if I lift my chin, just a little bit, everything changes. I can still see what’s coming, but with the perspective of looking further in advance. I’m not blind to the world by walking with my face clear up in the sky, but I can see through that three-foot gap between the two fences the clear blue sky, the Verdugo mountains, the trees, and the birds. The sound of the freeway is suddenly dampened. The graffiti has faded.

Every day I make a choice. Do I focus on the things that bring me down and make me sad? Or do I lift my head and allow my soul to be uplifted as well? The world is full of terrible things, and we can’t avoid them completely, but the world is full also of so much beauty. By paying attention to the beauty I am aware increasingly of more beauty. I may not change the world, but I can change myself. I choose the good.

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