You know that feeling when you realize you are very, very busy, but if you balance everything just right you can make it work?  You know, when you start each morning not thinking of the big picture of the projects but just of what small segments of all those big things need to be done today?

That’s been my life lately.  As long as I keep my head down and work on today’s minutia then I’m okay for one more day.  If I think about the big picture then I realize how busy I am and I start to panic.  It’s a very delicate balance between what I need to do, and what I need to do as a mother (like: be there.)

The things about this particular feeling is that it’s not long after you get here, that one more thing gets thrown at you to juggle.  That’s how I felt right before I became primary president.  And it’s how I feel right now.  And I’ll tell you what, I think things are about to change again really soon.


3 thoughts on “Life

  1. aw c’mon!!! What’s the change???? 😉

    I feel the same way. When i was listening to Uchtdorf’s(sp?) talk and he’s saying how our to-do lists are too long I thought he’s talking to me.
    But…I have to do all this stuff. It’s what I signed up for, ya know? The kids have to be schooled, baby has to be fed, classes and exercise and getting bills and all sorts of other stuff worked out…It has to be done. I kinda feel like a loaf not having a calling at church, but at the same time, where would it fit? (I lie, I do have a calling. I sit with the 9yr old class while Nathan teaches so that a male teacher isn’t alone with a class. Not really a challenging calling haha)

    Anyway, I hear ya on this post. As long as I keep my head down and accomplish the daily list, I survive.

  2. I understand too! And I’m sure that Pres. Uchtdorf was talking to me, not Timber! But, it also made me feel like it’s ok if I don’t get everything done. So long as the most important things get done, nothing else really matters!

    I hope you can keep booking along on your way. I’m always amazed at the things you do! I’m always thinking that I should be more like you, less like me! Keep it up!

  3. Here’s another understander. Right now I feel like I am just trying to keep up with my family – let alone everything else. The big picture can be SO overwhelming sometime – I find myself having to focus on the little parts too or everything starts to fall apart at the seems. Just trying to make it day by day. I’m just grateful that the bishopric (and Heavenly Father of course) saw fit to give me a not very time intensive calling. I think He knew I’ve already been feeling overwhelmed. Gotta love walking the tightrope of life. 😀

    Anyway, one day at a time – off I go!

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