This Just In …

I’m praciting the ukulele for tomorrow’s music class: stringed instruments. (It’s my first time playing for anyone. It’s a really really simple song, and it’s one to which they’ll sing along as we learned it last month which makes it a perfect debut.)

The boys are cleaning up the play doh so they can have a turn with the ukulele. (Mental note: buy ukuleles for boys for Christmas so I don’t have to share.)

Suddenly I hear Little Red say/sing

“This is the Mom song
because Moms are great
Moms are better
than chocolate cake!”


4 thoughts on “This Just In …

    1. It did. I think the children really got a good grasp of the strings family between my pitiful ukulele and my friend’s wonderful cello. Next week: compare/contrast strings with woodwinds. We’ll have an electric violin and a flute.

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