No Time for a Title

Boy Blue is back to himself. Fortunately for us his spell was short-lived and suddenly he was the same little kid he was before. I only had to cancel one day of lessons (even though I’m fairly sure he wasn’t contagious and he had stopped vomitting several hours before the lessons would have started) and take one day off of regular life.

Today we’re back to normal. Which means: what am I doing on the computer?

My day has begun. Race to get ready! Race to the doctor! Race to school! Race to preschool! Race to school! Supervise delivery of fundraised products! Race home to piano lessons! Race to make supper! Race to bed!

(and I wonder why I haven’t taken down the old weatherstripping and hung the new stuff yet?  or why there’s a pile of papers on my desk? or why my other to-do projects are never done?)


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