Little Red

I’ve got so much to say about that sweet boy. He’s six now. That means that pretty soon this blog will be six. It’s so funny to think that I started this blog as a way of working through the c-section. I think it’s good to start a blog as catharsis, that way when down the line there’s no jolt of reality to see how therapeutic it is.

This kid has had an amazing 2010. He finished Kindergarten as one of the best readers in the class, in both English and Italian. His verbal development in both languages has also been strong. We spent the summer swimming, and he confirmed what we had always suspected: that kid was built to swim. He also learned to stop sucking his thumb. (More on that in another post.)

When fall rolled around we were happy to discover that his beloved kindergarten teacher had moved up with the class. He already knew his classmates, (there are only 20 Italian students. We lost one this year when her family moved to Greece and we gained one new one, but the core group has remained the same.) He already knew his teacher, and they even stayed in the same classroom. All the typical anxieties of the first day of school were eliminated as well as many of the time-wasting procedurals, so they jumped straight into kinder review. He came home from school and said, “the blessing I got from Daddy was right! First grade is so easy!”

And now he’s six. He’s the youngest in the class and has been anticipating his birthday for a long time. We were lucky enough that his birthday was a day off school and that my friend was able to get us into the park. (Some of our friends, as well as Paul’s brother and parents also joined us, making the day even more special.) We had a magical day walking off our Thanksgiving feast and hitting every highlight that child chose to do on his special day, including the Jedi Training Academy for which he was chosen the second session we attended. The following weekend we had a party at the park. I am birthday-ed out but his dinosaur themed party seemed to go well, and he was a very happy kid.

So the little man is six now. He’s starting to experiment with the different ways he has control over his life. I am learning to roll with the punches and trying to only intervene when necessary, allowing him the independance he needs to develop self determination. We’ve had some challenging moments, but when I go in to wake him for school and he opens his big dark eyes in the lukewarm darkness of morning I remember getting up with him in the middle of the night when he was a baby, I remember how excited I was to do it because being with him felt like Christmas, and while I marvel that he’s this gangly six year old boy now I’m still so excited and honoured to be his mother. It’s the greatest responsibility I’ll ever have, and I’m going to spend my entire life trying to be worthy of this, and doing my best to do what is required of me.

3 thoughts on “Little Red

  1. I am going to have to print off your comment and frame it above our bed. The part about unwrapped gifts being superior, that part. hahaha.
    I love that you have found what works best in your home. What a great story. I might have to run it past my husband and see if he would leave one gift unwrapped. It would be a start.
    Thanks for your comment today on family volley.
    Happy Friday.

  2. I love this post Heather! I can’t believe Little Red is 6. Man, all our kids are getting old!!! Glad I’ve been able to read your blog for the majority of these last 6 years. You are an amazing mom 🙂

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