So … yeah

It turns out that sleep really is key in keeping healthy. I don’t recommend two back-to-back fundraisers. As soon as those things were over I was smacked with with the longest cold I’ve had. Wowza. Between the fundraisers and the colds I was out the whole month of November. I will say this, though, this year’s cold season has still been more mild than the previous years, and I’m grateful for that.

The worst part about being sick in November was that things piled up, and now it’s December and I want to get set up for Christmas and I have cleaning to do before I can deal with Christmas. So much for fun Advent stuff. And since I’ve made poor decisions prioritizing stuff the gift department is all messed up.

Truly, homemade Christmas is failing me this year because I have failed to do it right. So I begin my yearly mantra even earlier than normal: next year, next year, next year


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