I Wish He Was Right

It was a great laugh this morning when one of the dads at dropoff explained to me that I was only “tv disorganized” so there was nothing to worry about.  (As opposed to “real life disorganized.)  I’ve been laughing about it all morning, such a very LA thing to say, but I fear the man is greatly mistaken.  This morning I’ve been singing “I’m beginning to stress a lot for Christmas” to the tune of “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas.”  It helps take the edge off my nerves, but I’m really concerned that my one major homemade gift this year will not be ready in time.  (Oh, and I’m concerned that I haven’t spent enough time making sure my own children will have gifts.  Maybe we can just hit an outlet mall on the way up to Utah.  Is there a Target outlet anywhere?  Probably Minnesota.  Guess that doesn’t help me at all.)


6 thoughts on “I Wish He Was Right

  1. I only had ONE homemade gift to finish this year–my sister-in-laws wedding quilt. I started it 4 years ago and PROMISED I’d *finally* finish it for them this xmas. Ummm…doesn’t look like it’s going to get done! Darn it! Maybe next xmas haha!
    Good luck getting your stuff done! I can’t wait to see what you make. It’s always something freakin amazing!

    1. I’m really only doing one major homemade gift this year, too. But it’s very labour-intensive and it’s basically the one gift we’re doing for anyone in Paul’s family. So it’s important. It’s not exactly something I can finish up in the car ride up to Utah, so I’m still stressing.

  2. Tara,
    the plan was to leave Wednesday, get there Thursday, spend some time with brand-new nephew in Provo and some time in SLC looking at the lights, and come back home on Saturday and Sunday. But Paul awoke me from my nap to tell me he was having second thoughts and wanted to bag the whole trip. Soooo…… ?

    1. Ahhhhhhhhhh! Driving in the snow is horrible. It makes the drive so much longer and stressful. I’m sorry the weather is not cooperating. Give us a ring if you change your mind.

      1. We have cancelled our hotel reservations so we are officially not changing our minds, but will be up in February for the baby blessing and will give you more details as soon as we have them!

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