Staying Home for Christmas

All along we’ve been planning on making a quick trip to Utah for Christmas, but with this storm blowing through we’ve decided to stay home. Little Red is devastated. He suggested that we save time and skip the storm by flying.

“Well, because that would cost a thousand dollars and we don’t have a thousand dollars,” Paul explained.

“What about a ticket?” Little Red countered. I think we need to focus a little more on how we actually pay for things.

2 thoughts on “Staying Home for Christmas

    1. It’ll be fine. We’re going to have a much more relaxing Christmas by staying here, we’ll still get to see a new cousin as the local one will be born tomorrow, and we’ll take a road trip next week, so it’ll be fine. Little Red’s okay, too, he’s just so sorry to miss his best friend who up and moved to SLC a few years ago, so we’ll have to skype a playdate instead.

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