Life (and death)

While talking about New Year’s Resolutions with the preschool mothers after my lesson on Tuesday, I turned to one friend and quietly asked her what her resolutions were, while the other two talked on a tangent. She somberly asked me “do you really want to know? Because it’s sad.” I insisted. “I want every day […]

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Preschool: H

(December’s lesson) H is for Heather Heather’s House has great toys! H is for Hat Everyone chose a hat from the hatbox to wear for the entire lesson. Some children chose to wear theirs for a short time, and some chose to change up every half hour, but there is no scarcity of hats so […]

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Preschool: L

L is for Lego As the children entered I had the duplos and megablocks boxes out and they set immediately to building their creations. My collection is finally large enough to satisfy four curious children without too much “that’s mine” problems. They made a giraffe, a rocket ship, a monster, and … something. Reading Time […]

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1001 Tales

Scheherazade I am not, but I’ve somehow managed to conjure up my own 1001 tales. It makes me wonder if any of them were compelling enough to have saved my life. I don’t know about that, but I do know that it has helped me find my life. Surely my reason for sitting down to […]

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