Ringing in the New Year the Right Way

If you knew for certain that you were going to be sick, but were not yet sick, what would you do? On New Year’s Day I knew my time was coming and I quickly cleaned all the bathrooms, took down the Christmas decorations, did the dishes and caught up on the laundry. It was the strangest thing to know that I would soon be sick.

The previous Wednesday, when Paul wasn’t feeling well, we chalked it up to him eating at Taco Bell. The day before, Friday, when Boy Blue was sick, we had a long list of reasons of why he might be again vomitting. But on Saturday afternoon when Little Red told me en route to his friend’s New Year’s Day playdate that he “didn’t feel well” I knew it wasn’t carsickness. We promptly turned around and once inside he raced to the couch, grabbed the puke bucket, and filled it.

My productive day now had new urgency. This thing was definitely viral. I only hoped that I could make it through church before I crumbed, but by the time I went to bed I felt strange, and called one of my councillors to take over my lesson.

I had previously decided that this year would be my year of health and balance. I would eat better, I would exercise more, and I would say no to the things that stood in the way of my physical and mental health. And wouldn’t you know it, but by the second day of the new year I was off to an amazing start.

Nothing beats starting the new year with [a crash] diet and [violent gastrointestinal] exercise. 2011, I am soooo ready for you! Let’s do this!

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