Amigurumi (crocheted) Nativity


Now that Christmas is over and the secret is out I can finally share this year’s project:

I found this pattern years ago, and fell completely in love with it. This summer when I thought about which of Paul’s siblings we were giving to for Christmas I immediately knew that this was the gift. (They have a two year old and were due to have a baby for Christmas — certainly not the family for a repeat of last year’s puzzle nativity, although they were not-so-secretly coveting it.)

I even started the project with enough time to finish, being realistic about the scope of the project, a rarity for me. But I didn’t count on being sick after those back-to-back fundraisers (that weren’t supposed to be back-to-back) and missing a month of worktime. I barely finished this in time to mail it. But it did arrive in time, and was well-received.

I definitely need to make one for our family this year. (Somehow deadlines are always so much looser when it comes to projects for my own family, so we’ll see…)

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