Buche de Noel


Once we cancelled our trip to Utah we realized we’d be once again alone for Christmas. We did what we do with every holiday that we’re here, we called up Paul’s uncle and said, “hey guys, what are you doing for [insert upcoming holiday here]?” They graciously hosted us for yet another Christmas dinner.

Kathy is amazing in the kitchen and I really look forward to our feasts with them. And since Steve and Kathy are just so nice and laid-back that we know we can count on a wonderful day with no drama. We really love spending holidays with them. I hope they don’t mind that we call so much.

This year we were in charge of dessert. In addition to a pie (apple) I decided that I would try my hand at the age-old tradition of a Buche de Noel. Following a Martha Stewart recipe I dirtied and washed almost every baking utensil I own multiple times before the project was over, but in the end I was pleased with the results. I can see this becoming a part of our Christmas tradition — so long as Paul is around to watch the children I would definitely make this again!


One thought on “Buche de Noel

  1. OH MY!!! All my favorite foods put together is large amounts!!! (butter, cream, and chocolate) I am going to have to make this.

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