Little Red is SIX

How did I neglect to blog about my baby turning six? It was one of those things that came together perfectly, but with it sandwitched between Thanksgiving and Christmas I didn’t properly document it.

We were very fortunate that his birthday landed on the Monday after Thanksgiving, which was somehow a holiday for GUSD. Making things even better, my friend was able to get the four of us into Disneyland for free. Being able to celebrate ON the day, AT Disneyland was pretty special for him. (The austerity plan is still in effect so we are still without annual passes.) Our friends met us there, and Paul’s parents and brother were able to come, too.

In addition to participating in the Jedi Training Academy and defeating Darth Maul, Little Red rode every ride he wanted to, and our wait times were very short. We even ate lunch at the Blue Bayou restaurant, which we’ve always wanted to do! (It was just as cool as we had imagined.)

On Saturday I hosted his party at the park all by myself (Paul had ACME stuff all day. Rehearsals I think, but by now I can’t remember.) Fortunately for me our friends were late because I was running a bit late myself! Everyone who had been invited came except for one friend, which might be the best turnout we’ve ever had.

This year’s party theme was Dinosaurs. I hummed “I Am A Paleontologist” as I planned all the details of the party. We had a dinosaur cake, played a dinosaur matching game, and had a real dinosaur dig complete with these awesome eggs the kids took home, and using special tools excavated bones to put together their own dinosaurs. How did people plan parties before we imported cheap plastic toys from China? Honestly.  (I mean it, but I’m also really conflicted about admitting my dependance on cheap plastic toys from China.  I could go on, but this is clearly a post for another day.)

But it was fun, Little Red felt special, and all of his friends chose gifts specifically chosen with him in mind. I’m glad it’s a whole year before his next birthday because the perfection of this year is just too much to replicate.

2 thoughts on “Little Red is SIX

  1. What a fun birthday! I am constantly singing TMBG Science. Ashton ALWAYS wants it on. It’s actually beginning to be a bit annoying, although I would much rather listen to that than most other kids music. You would probably like the group “Hullabaloo”. They’re from San Diego and have a lot of cute kids songs. One is about a dinosaur living in the backyard. You can see it here:

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