Back to Reality

The holidays have been so wonderful. It’s been so nice to have my boys all to myself for two and a half weeks, but this morning Little Red went back to school. (For some of you reading this, yes, it does seem late, but we have many Eastern Orthodox -observing families in our school district and this way everyone had Christmas off. Anyway, we were in school on December 22nd, so it all equals out.)

Last night I struggled with Sunday night anxiety. The coming morning meant the morning school rush (would the boys wake up? Would I?) it meant the resumption of all of my school-related commitments (mail out those box tops and Campbell’s labels, close-out the Fresh and Easy fundraiser including the ice cream party for the winning class, make permission slips for the Shrek movie party, more Italian music lesson plans) and it meant the beginning of every afternoon being crammed full (piano lessons are still T-W-Th but I’m now tutoring Monday and Friday which eliminates our free days and means I’m constantly switching cars with Paul as I’m picking up my tutoring student from school and keeping her all afternoon. Which then means Paul’s got the less-nice car twice a week and I hope he doesn’t have really important meetings on those days!)

sooo much to think of.

Although everything I do is enjoyable and fulfilling I’m still anxious. I am overcomitted; I know that but I can’t do much about it right now. In the meantime I have quieter mornings with Boy Blue and hopefully I make good use of my time. I really want to get back into my walking routine, and I need to learn to make that a bigger priority. Starting now…

3 thoughts on “Back to Reality

  1. Every time I read your blog I think we should live closer to each other so we could be better friends. Even though you’re only about 3 hours from us, it seems like it’s a whole different world. We really are so much alike. I was kind of sad that London went back to school today too (she was out for 3 weeks) but I’m happy to have some time with just Ashton (and less of the whiney “I’m bored” little girl). But, like you, the back-to-school routine also means back-to-no-time-in-the-afternoon routine. Also, I made my walking routine (now a running routine) a bigger priority and I’m SO glad I did. It helps so much that I have people depending on me. Good luck.

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