Thumb Update (I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends)

Thanks to Sariah’s sage advice (I believe I’ve previously referred to her as a queen among women?  Well, she is,) I was finally able to take a step back from my thumb-sucking neuroses.  Today I didn’t mention his thumb once.  (Okay, I did, but it was on the drive to school, before reading Sariah’s comments and thus not a part of the new-me.  Well… nevermind, let me start over.)

I was too tired this morning to really harp on the thumb thing before school, so I only mentioned it in the car a couple of times, and not that I remember before that.  After school I had back-to-back lessons so he got a free pass with his thumb until nearly suppertime, by which time I’d read Sariah’s comments and committed myself to BACK OFF.  And so I did.  I didn’t say anything when he ate slowly because, and maybe you didn’t know this?, it’s really hard to eat with your thumb in your mouth.  And I didn’t say anything when he sucked his thumb while battling Darth Maul in the legendary battle of lightsabers while watching tv.

I think he felt that something was missing with my silence; he asked me for his glove at bedtime.  That’s when I had mulled my options long enough and had come up with a solution.  I presented my case.  I won’t say anything if he can just go the three hours of church without sucking his thumb.  He accepted.

And so it begins.  If we can get this under control then maybe the next step can be school.  Wish me luck!  I really want to keep my cool through this.

2 thoughts on “Thumb Update (I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends)

  1. First off… I’m blushing. 😀 thanks for the compliment!
    I really think you’ll find success by not stressing about it. Good luck! I’m glad my know-it-all-ness is good for something.

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