Preschool: L

L is for Lego

As the children entered I had the duplos and megablocks boxes out and they set immediately to building their creations. My collection is finally large enough to satisfy four curious children without too much “that’s mine” problems. They made a giraffe, a rocket ship, a monster, and … something.

Reading Time (L is for Little, Ladybug, and Love)

“Little Fur Family” by Margaret Wise Brown (ill. Garth Williams)
“The Grouchy Ladybug” by Eric Carle
“Clifford, We Love You” by Norman Bridwell
and, of course, “ABCs” by Dr. Seuss
“I’ll Love You Forever” is also a good one, but I can’t get through it without crying, and didn’t feel like crying through preschool.

L is for Lamb

As they coloured their “L is for Lamb” picture I traced each of their hands onto construction paper and cut them out. Using their fingers as the legs and the palm as the body, I poured glue over the body, set out cotton balls, and let them make their own lambs. (I planned to make a face to glue on, but never got around to it and they seem to notice.)

L is for Lettuce and Logs

For snacktime we had lettuce wraps and bugs on a log. They left me only a little bit of lettuce and a few partically-chewed-and-no-longer-covered-in-peanut-butter-and-raisins celery sticks. Nutritious and delicious and in line with the lesson plan? Yes, this lesson was a lovely.


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