Preschool: H

(December’s lesson)

H is for Heather

Heather’s House has great toys!

H is for Hat

Everyone chose a hat from the hatbox to wear for the entire lesson. Some children chose to wear theirs for a short time, and some chose to change up every half hour, but there is no scarcity of hats so that was no problem!

Reading Time (H is for Ham and Hermit and House)

“Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss
“A House for Hermit Crab” by Eric Carle
“Whose House?” by Colin and Jacqui Hawkins
“ABCs” by Dr. Seuss

H is for Happy

Using paper plates to make the classic happy/sad face, the children decorated their faces, using yarn and other bits and pieces to make hair, glasses, and some pretty silly looks.  I taught them “Smiles” while we followed the actions with our faces.

H is for Helium

Paul had been sent home with a mostly-used helium tank from some work event so I added a science element to our lesson. Inflating one balloon with my own hot air I asked the children if it would float or fall? When I let go, it fell. Inflating one balloon with the helium I asked again if it would float or fall? When I let go, of course, it floated. (Each child got a balloon to play with and take home and Bridgette still asks “balloon?” every time she comes over.)

H is for Hummus and Ham

For snacktime the children had a plate of hummus, ham, pita, and apple slices. Several of them had never had hummus before and were reluctant, but once they saw Boy Blue dig in with wild abandon they gave it a shot.  The bowl was completely empty at the end, but I suspect it was Boy Blue who was responsible for most of the consumption.

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