It CAN Be Done

In honor of President’s Day, we took a family field trip up to the Reagan Presidential Library. The weather was beautiful, the setting divine, and the president’s day-themed activities were all on point. We enjoyed the walk through of Air Force One and looking at the other presidential vehicles of the time. While we waited […]

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I wish you could have seen the look my doctor gave me when I asked, “so did I get this by talking too much?”  I wasn’t trying to be glib, at that point I honestly didn’t know what I had done to aggravate my TMJ. As far as I know I don’t grind my teeth, I really […]

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Saturday Morning

Sometime around 5:30 this morning Boy Blue entered my room to lament to me that he couldn’t find Lando (a toy he’d taken to bed the night before.) When I opened my bleery eyes I could see that he had turned the light on in his room so I went quickly to turn off the […]

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In Sickness and In Health

Monday was not much different than any other day, really. Little Red had a student holiday and I left the boys to watch tv while I participated in the Great Monday Morning Cleaning. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. I made real progress from the previous week’s adventures. I went to the doctor. We […]

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N is for Nature

Our preschool group took a field trip to Stough Canyon for a little hike. The day was so clear that instead of looking down on a brown cloud we could enjoy the rolling Verdugo Hills. It was such a lovely day and the kids did a great job on our short hike up a steep […]

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Oh Deer,

This weekend Paul was visiting his brother up in Utah for the blessing of the newest nephew. While talking with his sister-in-law’s brother, the Dermatologist, Paul happened to mention that he had recovered from erysipelas the previous week. Dr. Dermatologist got a classic deer-in-the-headlights look and stuttered a “where did you get THAT?!?” followed by […]

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to: Wednesday

Dear Wednesday, you’ve got a lot on your plate today. I have very high expectations. But I think you have it in you to be my favourite day of the week. I challenge you to impress me with what you’ve got. Starting … NOW! *** Well, Wednesday, I didn’t do anything on that pesky to-do […]

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