to: Wednesday

Dear Wednesday,

you’ve got a lot on your plate today. I have very high expectations. But I think you have it in you to be my favourite day of the week. I challenge you to impress me with what you’ve got. Starting … NOW!


Well, Wednesday, I didn’t do anything on that pesky to-do list except my marathon of “first Wednesday of the month” meetings. 

But — I mopped the floor and played the piano while Boy Blue was gone for preschool.  And I napped with him in the afternoon.  We didn’t get Little Red’s homework done but we’ll catch up today.  And I finally got caught up on the ironing. 

So thank you, Wednesday.  It was lovely.  I look forward to seeing you again next week.


Zen Mama

2 thoughts on “to: Wednesday

  1. you iron? you are wonderwoman. After we moved I once had to ask Robert where the iron was. (It was in the pantry. I don’t know why I didn’t think to look there.) Congrats on having a good day. You deserve it.

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