The next 24

Here I am again: that period before a project (party) is complete wherein I doubt everything. Why did I think this was all a good idea? Oh yes, to please my little boy. Even if not everything comes together, I think he’ll be pleased. I’ve been busy lately, stay tuned for the results!

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Made it one more day without being stabbed in the back. Score:  ME: 33, Ides of March, 0.  Take that, Caesar.

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Love, after all these years

Tonight Paul is playing soccer with some of the guys from church. He’s been trying to get this going for weeks and is so excited that it’s finally going to happen. Since one of the guys with whom he’ll be playing has a son in Boy Blue’s sunbeam class, and we want to get to […]

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With Regard To Talent

I believe that the talents with which we have been given are not the ones that immediately come to mind. I believe that the outward, obvious examples of talents are not themselves talents, but expressions of what we have done with the talents with which we have been blessed.  I believe that the world is […]

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Preschool: P

P is for puzzle As the children entered I had age-appropriate puzzles laid out for them.  I expected us to play for 15-20 minutes.  We played puzzles for more than 30 minutes and they wanted to do them again at the end!  Those with previous puzzle experience happily plugged away and those for whom is […]

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The Errand of Angels is Given to Women

In more primitive cultures women were available to communally support each other.  They worked side by side, raising their children and sharing their lives.  These days we are considerably more isolated.  We’re so fiercely independent and we’ve accomplished so much good — it’s a very empowering time to be a woman.  We have so much […]

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