Love, after all these years

Tonight Paul is playing soccer with some of the guys from church. He’s been trying to get this going for weeks and is so excited that it’s finally going to happen. Since one of the guys with whom he’ll be playing has a son in Boy Blue’s sunbeam class, and we want to get to know them better (but don’t know them very well now) I asked him to please explain about the upcoming birthday party so they’ll know what’s going on when the postcard invite arrives instead of toss it with the junk mail.

Then I found the stamped, unmailed postcard in my purse. “Oh look! I still have it. Why don’t you just give it to him tonight?”

“No,” Paul said. “I’d better not. You know how husbands are.”

I love that man! He totally gets it!

So I convinced him to mail it on his way out, secretly happy that I wasn’t wasting that 28 cent stamp.

Do you know where the postcard is? Still on the sideboard.

Because, well … you know how husbands are.

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