Weekend Goal-Setting

April 30, 2011

Well the baby shower is over. The Mother-Son Night is over. And I spent today in Long Beach at the state PTA convention.

When I got home today from convention, our home was a disaster. Junk food bags everywhere, toys and clothes everywhere. It was a veritable bachelor pad. (And to think this morning I asked the boys to please clean up before I got home because there were a half dozen toys on the floor when I left!)

I know what I’m going to do when Paul’s at his show. I’m going to whip this place into shape.

But there’s something about driving to/from Long Beach that always makes me queasy. And my head is full from realizing how much I don’t know. And while I’ve had a lot of early mornings lately, I’ve got another one tomorrow (and a lesson to plan.)

Well, maybe I’ll just clean the dishes.

I fed and bathed the boys. I haven’t started my lesson. The chocolate-covered almonds I picked up in the exhibition hall aren’t doing their job to keep me awake.

I will settle for washing my face.


A Great Big Step in the Wrong Direction

April 29, 2011

Yesterday was not a really great day for me. I ticked off everything from my very-impressive to-do list.

200 cupcakes baked and frosted? check.
Playdate for Boy Blue and some of his best friends? check.
Piano lesson? check.
Homework all caught up? check.
Two kitchens cleaned? check.
Shopping and prep for the food for the baby shower? check.
Feed family? check.
Wear clean clothes to baby shower? check.
Stay at baby shower until too tired to keep eyes open? check.

Days like that only reinforce my delusion that I can take over the world. Aren’t I supposed to be learning a lesson in slowing down?

Red’s Head

April 26, 2011

I think you might need to put tape on my mouth. ‘Cause these two teeth are loose and I’m worried they might come out in the middle of the night and poke me.

(Paul: we’re not putting tape on your mouth before you go to sleep.)

Trying to Take Over the World

April 25, 2011

Everything caught up to me this weekend, and not long after I cancelled our day trip up to see the Lancaster Poppy Fields I was vomitting. Paul took the boys and I settled in on the couch.

I spent the day alternating between napping and reading one of my new parenting books. It was wonderful to know that as I was reading about the importance of fathers in the healthy development of boys, my own boys were on adventure after adventure with SuperDad. By evening, when it was time for me to practice Sunday’s musical number I was well enough to do that, and came home energetic (was it because I had so much fun with those two amazingly talented women or because I picked up a Jamba Juice for my late supper?)

Sunday I was back to my ready-to-take-over-the-world self. It was a beautiful Easter and we spent the afternoon with Paul’s brother and his family. Today I see that our place is a disaster zone and I know what I need to do!

The lesson from this weekend that I learned was that if I go so long without taking care of myself that my body shuts down, all I need is a day on the couch napping and reading and I can get back to my usual take-over-the-world self. This is really good news because I am not ready to change my ways!

What do you want to do today, Brain?
The same thing I want to do every day, Pinky. Try to take over the world!

Of Hives and Bees

April 23, 2011

As a souvenir of the past couple of weeks, I’ve got stress-induced hives. (The last time this happened was about month 9 in unemployment.)


Boy Blue announced to Paul yesterday that we needed to make sure that bees and flies don’t come into our home, and that to do so, we needed to make a sign that said “no bees and flies allowed.”

Paul: I don’t think bees and flies can speak our language or read our language, so the sign might not be helpful.

Boy Blue: Of course not. We’ll make it for them to read. It’ll say “buzz buzz bzzzzzz bzzzzz buzzzzz.”

Blue’s Clues

April 20, 2011

I need to go potty because the pee is coming out.
I made it because you potty trained me.
Thank you for potty training me.


April 19, 2011

Empty Chrysalis

I was afraid to touch last year’s chrysalis. It wasn’t that it creeped me out or anything, it just felt … intrusive or disrespectful. I mean, it was within those tiny walls that our beloved caterpillar completed his metamorphosis. This year my curiousity got the better of me.

This thing is amazing, it’s nearly sheer when you hold it up to the light, and is tissue-thin to the touch. The first few times I touched it I couldn’t even feel it, but could see that I was touching it because I had depressed it a little. (Tried again on a less-calloused part of my finger and was only barely able to feel it.) It hung from the lid of the container in which we had purchased Catipillie, but since he has emerged I’ve had it overturned to allow for observation of this amazing home and it has maintained it’s stability and vertical (although now upsidedown) stature.

We released Catipillie days ago, but will probably hold onto this chrysalis until something happens to it. It’s just too amazing to throw away.