One Fish Two Fish Red Fish You Fish

A month ago, while procrastinating the flyers I was supposed to be making for our spring fundraiser, I came up with all sorts of ideas for Boy Blue’s birthday party. If necessity is the mother of invention, then certainly procrastinating one thing is the mother of inspiration elsewhere. Well, it is for me, anyway.

It begins with an invitation:

which, thanks to a brilliant discount at Vistaprint, was cheaper to print professionally and mail as a postcard than to do at home. On the reverse I had them print the following:

You’d better believe there’s a party in store,
Our little [Boy Blue] will be turning four!
March is the month, twenty-six is the day,
From ten until twelve is when we will play.
So come to the park, we hope that it’s sunny,
We can have lots of good fun that is funny!

Lucky for us the rains held off for the party, which is good because my rain-plan was simple: look kids, it’s a water park!! heh.

Park parties are great. Not only do I not have to tidy up and fit people into our small home, but I don’t have to plan games because the children are more than willing to play at the playground. (And the one nearest our home is a spectacular park.) All that remains to plan is food and party favours. Everything followed the Dr. Seuss party theme. I did have two different-sized jars filled with jelly beans (but no photo?) labeled “Guess how many jelly beans are in the jar. If you win, you can take them home in your car!”

We drank Pink Yink Ink Drink, (and water.) We ate Noodle-Eating-Poodle-Noodles, Green Eggs, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, and Horton’s Clover (my personal favourite — I will forever make my rice crispy treats in ball shape, perfect!) I made the cake to be the Cat’s Hat

The party favours were all from the new Dr. Seuss section from Michaels, the children went home with stickers and crafts and the parents were happy to find only two candies in each bag and nothing plastic.

Finally, keeping up with the theme of the party and the theme of my insanity, I made each of the boys a Thing 1 shirt. I am most pleased with those shirts! I saw Dana’s tutorial when she first posted it years ago, and thought, “I should do that sometime…” and finally — FINALLY! — did it. I’m already thinking about my next project, it was so fun and so satisfying.

It was a crazy day. Everyone we invited came to the party except for one person (whoever made the rule that only 50% of the people you invite will come, has failed me every time.) We went home with one of our cousins for the afternoon, which counts as another party as far as I’m concerned. We then went to another birthday party. And when that was over we went over to our friend’s new place and played with them until bedtime. Four parties on one day? Yes, it has taken me all week to recover from last Saturday. But it was soooo worth it! Happy Birthday, Boy Blue! We hope you remember all year all the fun we had!

4 thoughts on “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish You Fish

  1. Ditto to what Sally said! I never would have been able to think of all that! I’m going to hire you for our next birthday party! You can be my online consultant!

  2. thank you! thank you! I’ve had the one fish, two fish totes and bowls, pencils, socks, etc from Target since last summer when I decided this would be the theme to my 2 yo birthday this month..I was just having a heck of a time figuring out the invitation it!

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