My Inheritance

My spirit, my soul, is the daughter of deity.  I’ve known it all my life, singing “I Am a Child of God” and talking about my Divine Nature, it’s the superficial knowledge of a child.  Now, as a woman, as I work on my relationship with God, I am bolstered by the grandness of this statement.  It changes the way I act.  It changes me to realize who I really am. 

Likewise, as an adult, I am able to look at both of my parents and see how accomplished they are.  After such a wonderful visit with my Dad I was amazed when I realized what it means that I am his daughter, the daughter of both of my parents.  My mother is deep and strong and kind.  She knows God, and she truly desires to be obedient.  She is unencumbered by the superficial distractions of the world.  My father is highly intelligent, focused, and hard working.  His life is a continual search for further knowledge and he puts his whole self into everything he does.  We are different in so many ways, but I can see many of their traits as tiny seeds in me.

I have found so much inspiration in both of my parents, and as I think about how I can be more like them, in my own way, I am amazed at my own potential.  When I remember that my soul is Divine, I am awe-struck. 

It gives me pause.

It makes me think about my path in life.  Surely I have chosen a different path than my parents, but because of them I have the power to make it a beautiful, rich adventure.  I have it in me to be amazing, thanks to all of the parents I have.  I intend to spend my entire life trying to be worthy of the gifts I have inherited.  I am going to be amazing.


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