Empty Chrysalis

I was afraid to touch last year’s chrysalis. It wasn’t that it creeped me out or anything, it just felt … intrusive or disrespectful. I mean, it was within those tiny walls that our beloved caterpillar completed his metamorphosis. This year my curiousity got the better of me.

This thing is amazing, it’s nearly sheer when you hold it up to the light, and is tissue-thin to the touch. The first few times I touched it I couldn’t even feel it, but could see that I was touching it because I had depressed it a little. (Tried again on a less-calloused part of my finger and was only barely able to feel it.) It hung from the lid of the container in which we had purchased Catipillie, but since he has emerged I’ve had it overturned to allow for observation of this amazing home and it has maintained it’s stability and vertical (although now upsidedown) stature.

We released Catipillie days ago, but will probably hold onto this chrysalis until something happens to it. It’s just too amazing to throw away.

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