Trying to Take Over the World

Everything caught up to me this weekend, and not long after I cancelled our day trip up to see the Lancaster Poppy Fields I was vomitting. Paul took the boys and I settled in on the couch.

I spent the day alternating between napping and reading one of my new parenting books. It was wonderful to know that as I was reading about the importance of fathers in the healthy development of boys, my own boys were on adventure after adventure with SuperDad. By evening, when it was time for me to practice Sunday’s musical number I was well enough to do that, and came home energetic (was it because I had so much fun with those two amazingly talented women or because I picked up a Jamba Juice for my late supper?)

Sunday I was back to my ready-to-take-over-the-world self. It was a beautiful Easter and we spent the afternoon with Paul’s brother and his family. Today I see that our place is a disaster zone and I know what I need to do!

The lesson from this weekend that I learned was that if I go so long without taking care of myself that my body shuts down, all I need is a day on the couch napping and reading and I can get back to my usual take-over-the-world self. This is really good news because I am not ready to change my ways!

What do you want to do today, Brain?
The same thing I want to do every day, Pinky. Try to take over the world!


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