Weekend Goal-Setting

Well the baby shower is over. The Mother-Son Night is over. And I spent today in Long Beach at the state PTA convention.

When I got home today from convention, our home was a disaster. Junk food bags everywhere, toys and clothes everywhere. It was a veritable bachelor pad. (And to think this morning I asked the boys to please clean up before I got home because there were a half dozen toys on the floor when I left!)

I know what I’m going to do when Paul’s at his show. I’m going to whip this place into shape.

But there’s something about driving to/from Long Beach that always makes me queasy. And my head is full from realizing how much I don’t know. And while I’ve had a lot of early mornings lately, I’ve got another one tomorrow (and a lesson to plan.)

Well, maybe I’ll just clean the dishes.

I fed and bathed the boys. I haven’t started my lesson. The chocolate-covered almonds I picked up in the exhibition hall aren’t doing their job to keep me awake.

I will settle for washing my face.

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