Just What the Doctor Ordered

I don’t mean to sound insensitive, but I’m not-so-secretly glad that Red isn’t feeling well today. I’m sure it’s because he still sucks his thumb, but whatever the reason that kid has an iron immune system. Sick days are so rare with him. Today is the first time all year that he’s stayed home sick.

Of all the days for him to do it, I’m so happy it’s today! I’ve been thinking so much over the past couple of days how much I regret that the past two weeks have been so busy. My boys need me, and I need my boys. That’s great that I’m doing all these other things, to help other children, but I can’t ever let that interfere with what I need to do for my own children. As it is primary and piano lessons take me away from them enough.

Today we are going to rest. Today we are going to stay home all day. Today we may even stay in our pajamas until noon. Today we will read and rest. Maybe we’ll paint? Hopefully we’ll nap. (And I will clean — we don’t want to spread his gastro to the rest of us!) I’m so excited for today!


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