I Know How It Feels To Glow

Nope, not pregnant. Thanks for asking, though, it’s really helping my diet. (Did you hear that rumour going around a couple of months ago that I was pregnant? Yeah, that was really funny. I think I should make a whole blog post about all the blasts to my ego lately. When put all together they’re funny — or it is that individually they’re funny and collectively they’re sad? I digress.)

It’s been a year since I started teaching piano again. My students have been progressing well, and with a lot of preparation we finally had our first recital! Every single thing about the day was perfect.

The day before Mother’s Day we all assembled at the gracious home of one of my students. The temperature was perfect, the sky was sunny but it wasn’t too hot. The children came very prepared and almost all of them played their memorized pieces perfectly! They were also great audience members for each other.

Then of course we had food for the reception afterwards. I ordered some of my favourites from Have It Sweet and some of the other families brought a plate of something to share. We had an amazing assortment of delicious foods.  Everyone was happy and well fed.

They presented me with flowers. I was so touched. I really thought all the students deserved the flowers so much more than I. The day was all about them. (But how could I refuse? To do so would have been rude. Besides, they were gorgeous.)

I was on a big high from the success of my students that I practically floated up the hill for a pre-Mother’s day barbeque at my brother in law’s home.  I just can’t believe that this is my job — I have the best job in the whole wide world!


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