unedited from my teenaged self: 2/24/1996

Seminary. Not just any seminary, but early morning seminary. the name, in itself, causes our teenage minds to quake at the thought. The thought of what? Well, of rolling our over-worked, under-rested bodies out of the comfort and security of a warm bed, of stumbling across the cold floor as we methodically prepare ourselves for another day.

I remember my first day of seminary. It was cold and dark, although only September. Matt T. said good morning and my mumbled reply was synonymous with it being too early. “Don’t worry,” his sister Katrina said, “you’ve only got four years left!” Four years seems too devastatingly long to be getting up on cold dark mornings for more school. But from the eternal perspective, four years is hardly enough time to learn the basics of one’s religion.

As time went on I set up a rĂ©gime to help myself be awake enough to learn something. For me, I practice piano for an hour before I’m even dressed so that by the time seminary starts I’ve been awake for 2 1/2 hours. Others require a deep slumber up to 20 minutes before they’re out the door, the mad rush to be ready in time being enough to wake them up. The latter is more common among early morning seminary students, although students from both groups can be found dozing on their Bibles from time to time. I firmly believe in the power of osmosis, for from this position we have been known to answer correctly a great may questions.

I learned a lot over the past four years. This knowledge ranges from learning that the answer to everything is not always “LOVE” (sorry Dan,) to great divine truths that will assist me in my goal of exaltation.

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