The Poor Little Looseleaf

Once upon a time there was a little looseleaf. He was a good little looseleaf who’s favorite thing to do was hang around in a green knapsack from the Yukon where all the other cool looseleaves hung out.

Then one day a girl came along and took him out. The girl herself was wonderful – sweet, kind, beautiful and smart – but she was carrying a pencil that was very, very bad.

Suddenly, before the looseleaf knew what had happened the pencil had tricked the girl into writing a little story all over him.

The little looseleaf was very worried. he had heard about other looseleaves who got written on. He knew that soon he would be crumpled up and thrown into a garbage can with banana peels and old socks. He had heard about recycling and that seemed even worse. The poor little looseleaf was very sad. He felt like crying – but looseleaves don’t cry.

His only hope was that Heather – who owned the green knapsack from the Yukon would keep him forever, even if he had a dumb story all over him.

The end

An original Newfoundland fairytale by: Leslie Cheeseman!



*Sorry looseleaf, we’ve been together for 16 years, and I’ve taken you all the way to California, but it’s time to be recycled. See you in your next life, and thanks for the memories!


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