Cookies (empty calories to replace real content)

When it comes to cookies I approve. I love all cookies. I will eat all cookies. I will exercise zero self-control with regard to cookies.

Even though soft, slightly undercooked cookies are far superior, I don’t want to hurt the feelings of the others,;I’ll eat them too, and try to not think about how I wish they were …  undercooked and soft, yielding to my mouth.

When it comes to chocolate chip cookies they must be soft. The chocolate chips must be abundant in the final product, which really comes in handy for me. Because when it comes to chocolate chip cookies, raw is best, and without the chocolate chips.

Lucky for me Paul suggested we bake up the rest of the dough he made this weekend. I offered to do it. These cookies will be very chocolately, and he won’t ever have to know how much of the dough I consumed.

3 thoughts on “Cookies (empty calories to replace real content)

  1. You make me want to make cookies! I’m so like that. I exercise zero self control when it comes to cookies. And rice crispy treats. Taylor and I ate a whole batch of them on Sunday. By ourselves. Okay, we let the kids have a couple too, but it was mostly us. And, in case you’re wondering, they’re much better if you add about 1/4 cup of peanut butter. But let me warn you, you will not exercise self control so maybe you shouldn’t make them at all! That’s why I haven’t made cookies in about a month. In fact, I even put my cookie jar away! That hasn’t happened since we got it as a wedding gift!

  2. I LOVE cookies too! And soft and gooey is way better than crispy, crunchy. But if that is what is available, those are good too! And dough? DIVINE! I may need to make some today no matter how much it heats the house up!

  3. mmmmmm cookies! When i was a kid I liked choco-chip cookies to be hard, but now I like them half-cooked gooey. yummmm. Hm…now i need to go make a batch!

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