End of Summer Vacation

Two weeks ago my stepmother called and asked hypothetically if she was going to San Francisco for work and my Dad had enough points to fly me up, could I meet her for a girls’ weekend in San Francisco? I looked at the calendar and could not believe that she was referring to the weekend […]

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A Sweet Story

After our anniversary I felt like I was passing out that darned sheet cake to everyone I saw. If the mailman had stopped by, I’d have given him cake, too. We had friends over for dinner on Monday and as we offered more brisket, more asparagus, more potatoes, Albe finally cornered me and made me […]

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Instead of Cleaning . . .

Blue is wearing safety goggles and Red is wearing his bike helmet and they said something about martial arts training. I asked from the kitchen, “are you cleaning, or training?” “Training,” they replied so matter-of-factly that I felt silly for even asking.

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yeah, yeah, yeah As far as writing goes, that last post wasn’t my best. It was scattered and all over the place. Frankly, I don’t care. Yesterday was a fun and crazy day, as have been the past twelve years of my life. Sometimes I have enough brain cells to rub together so I can […]

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Twelfth Anniversary

We celebrated our anniversary early, in Michigan, but that didn’t take place of enjoying our special day. Yesterday, in addition to being the day that Red came home, was a really great day. After my morning lessons, Boy Blue and I picked up Red and Gramdaddy from the airport (my father-in-law flew out with the […]

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All Hail Social Networking

Today is our twelfth anniversary and Paul has a show. I am going to attend, of course, and we made reservations to have dinner beforehand. Two hours before I planned on leaving I got word from my babysitter that her family had planned a surprise birthday party for her and she would not be able […]

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Red Returns

We got the call from my mother-in-law that Red and his grandfather are enroute. She also relayed the following story: This morning it got to be 9am and they still hadn’t seen nor heard Red. Sleeping so late is uncharacteristic of him: he goes to bed easily and sleeps soundly all night, waking around 8 […]

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Whenever we return from Paul’s parent’s home he is always motivated to do more cooking and be more creative in the kitchen.  So even though he was dead tired from such a short sleep the night before (and the three hour time change making it worse!) and working a full day, he made a nice […]

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Awesome/Not Awesome

Awesome: Landing in the Land of the Long Brown Cloud I was pleasantly surprised that, instead of the churning apocalyptic orange haze I normally see when we land at midnight, the sky was clear. It was beautiful and peaceful. Not Awesome: Getting only four hours of sleep because the toilet is running and the smoke […]

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