Whenever we return from Paul’s parent’s home he is always motivated to do more cooking and be more creative in the kitchen.  So even though he was dead tired from such a short sleep the night before (and the three hour time change making it worse!) and working a full day, he made a nice alfredo sauce for our tortellini even though I said I’d just saute them in a garlic and oil sauce.

Whenever we return from Paul’s parent’s home I am always motivated to kick my cleaning and organizing into a higher gear.  I know that somewhere under the clutter is a nice comfortable home, even though we have small children.  I know that even though our place is small, it can be presentable, cheery, and professional, while doubling as a playspace.

Paul finds it interesting that he’s motivated to cook and I’m motivated to clean after leaving Michigan when it’s his mother that cooks and his father that cleans.  Suits me just fine, really.  It’s good for our boys to grow up seeing that gender doesn’t dictate your household chores.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to straighten up the table of mail-we-haven’t-dealt-with-yet before my first lesson.

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2 thoughts on “Inspiration

    1. Paul has always made alfredo sauce from scratch. He can’t stand the jarred stuff. 😉
      I was just amazed that he did it even though he was exhausted.

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