Twelfth Anniversary

We celebrated our anniversary early, in Michigan, but that didn’t take place of enjoying our special day. Yesterday, in addition to being the day that Red came home, was a really great day.

After my morning lessons, Boy Blue and I picked up Red and Gramdaddy from the airport (my father-in-law flew out with the intrepid explorer as he has meetings in Salt Lake next week.) We returned home to find out that our babysitter was suddenly -and quite unexpectedly- unable to meet her commitment but within minutes we had a new arrangement.

By all accounts, the three children (Red, Blue, and the friend babysitting them) didn’t stop laughing the whole night, until they fell so soundly asleep that neither boy noticed when I picked them up, put them in the car, drove them home, and carried them up to their beds.

Paul and I took his father and youngest brother to dinner at Amalfi, the restaurant adjacent to ACME. (Paul and I shared the salad special, Matt and I shared the salmon fettucine, and we all shared a creme brulee.) When Paul went to run lines with his castmates we walked around Hollywood, and dawdled so much we were too late to catch the early show and were locked out of the theatre, so we went around the corner to Susina for a warm place to sit and bide the time. (And to ensure legitimacy to our visit, we shared a molten chocolate cake.)

Afterwards Paul had his first show in four months. Neither Paul’s brother nor father had seen him perform yet, and it was a good show, so I was very glad they were able to join us for that. It was really special to share that with them.

As a prop for one of his sketches, Paul had purchased a sheet cake. The sketch only required consumption of a very small part, and the cast members who snuck bites were quite reserved as well. We begin our thirteenth year of marriage with a gigantic sheet cake in the fridge. I think just having all that sugar in the air is making me gain weight by osmosis. But no matter, when the celebrations are over and I get back on track with my 3/4pound a month weight loss plan. Slow and steady, right?

Today I am overcome with gratitude. I am so grateful that Paul and I were married in the temple. I am so grateful to have him in my life. He makes me laugh, he buoys me up, he is a wonderful partner in parenting and in life. We have amazing children. We have fantastic family and extra-mile friends. We are part of a very cohesive and supportive ward (congregation) and church and are grateful to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. We just came back from an amazing vacation and yesterday celebrated twelve wonderful years together. Every year is better than the one before, and we are stronger and more unified. I am so grateful that Paul is developing his comedic talents, and that he associates with people who are encouraging and inspiring. I’m glad he has a job with just enough flexibility to allow him to persue his hobbies. We are so blessed. As I said a prayer of gratitude this morning I was overcome by my joy.

Life is good, and getting better.


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