A Sweet Story

After our anniversary I felt like I was passing out that darned sheet cake to everyone I saw. If the mailman had stopped by, I’d have given him cake, too. We had friends over for dinner on Monday and as we offered more brisket, more asparagus, more potatoes, Albe finally cornered me and made me decide, did I want them to have more food, or save room for the sheet cake I desperately wanted them to help us with?  I pulled the vegetables back to my side of the table and let them save room for cake.

After they left I went to visit my friend Noriko, armed with a plate of cake. Her husband met me at the door. “I brought cake!” I announced. “Thanks!” Javier replied. “She made you brownies.” You should have seen the look on Paul’s face when I came home with those.

Two days later after I had a playdate/piano lesson/babysitting for some friends, Amiee came back with a bag of goodies for me as a thank you. We’ve finally finished the cake, and the brownies, and I’m getting close to finishing up these last goodies from Julienn.

I don’t want to speak too soon, but I believe the sugars are finally coming to an end.  I’m probably 24 hours from serious withdrawal, but in the long run my body will thank me.


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