Just Like Dad

For Christmas both of the boys received a mini “shaving kit” from my Mum. It included a hairbrush, a comb, a tooth brush, toothpaste, and a plastic “razor.” They take their kits on vacation and camping, and sometimes even remember to brush their hair.

This afternoon Blue came downstairs with a blue face. He had completely covered his face with toothpaste. I didn’t want to encourage the behaviour so I sent him up to wash his face. When I went up to help him out (toothpaste in eyes, it should be noted, hurts) I saw the impetus: his plastic razor. I wish I had noticed that before I washed most of it off because now instead of seeming naughty, it’s just so cute!

One thought on “Just Like Dad

  1. lol! That’s adorable!
    When we were in UT in July, when we were in st. george Jenacy came out of the shower with a cut on her finger. She was trying to hide it, but when I pried she finally admitted that she saved her entire arms bald and cut her finger in the process (only as bad as a paper cut). Poor kid—but it was kinda funny too 🙂

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