Preschool: Dentistry

(part of the Finding Nemo unit)

I did this lesson on a day that Red could be home with us. Unfortunately it was a while ago and I don’t remember well everything we did.

Books: “The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist” and probably something else but I can’t remember.

I used Red as my guest speaker. He had an empty mouth from all the teeth he’d recently lost (four!) and talked to the kids about baby teeth, permanent teeth, how you know when you’re going to lose one, how it feels, how the tooth fairy works.

We talked about visiting the dentist, too. I controlled my concern with how many of the children had never seen the dentist because I probably hadn’t at their age, either.  We played “visit the dentist” with Red as the dentist and Blue as the assistant.  Red asked questions and checked them off on his clipboard, stuff like “do you brush twice a day?”  Then Blue held the flashlight into the patient’s mouths while Red counted their teeth.

I gave each child a brand new toothbrush and we went into the bathroom and talked about the proper way to brush. Then we brushed our teeth. We also flossed.

For snacks we ate teeth-friendly foods. No sugary-foods! We had apples and carrots.

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