On Project-Making

It’s important, if you happen to be a crazy person obsessed with being in over your head, to have two different types of friends.

You need the kind of friend who can talk you down from the ledge when you’re taking on too much.

You also need the kind of friend who will egg you on and make sure you don’t back down.

I have both types of friends and am very grateful, but most especially for the second type.

Last night I made a gryffindor quidditch robe while babysitting a toddler. What did you do with your Friday night?

3 thoughts on “On Project-Making

  1. AMEN! Yesterday I took two toddlers to the airshow. By myself. And I tackled 4 kids last night while packing for the in-laws and doing dishes. Since I sent Taylor to the store, this was also alone. No quidditch robe making, though.

    1. Wow, Kiersten, you’re amazing! I was only able to make my nephew’s robe because I didn’t have any lessons and my husband was able to help with the babysitting.

  2. Nathan works Friday nights, so they are as normal as every other night. But on Saturday night I planned the homeschool aviation field trip and was on the news. 😀
    incidentally, I’ve got A TON of sewing I need to do…and am avoiding it like the plague. I love sewing but i’m in the frustrating part of several projects and instead of just finishing them I keep finding new projects instead! Good for you getting your sewing done WHILE babysitting!!!

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