Ice Cream

Yesterday Paul was the guest chef for his friend’s weekly BYU Football Watching Party. Paul’s not particularly a BYU fan, but he does like football and there aren’t many options for a Michigan fan out here. So he prepared his amazing pork tenderloin and I made southern-style macaroni and cheese and we all feasted ourselves into oblivion. Before the game was over the host pulled out the ice cream and toppings.

I don’t know how anyone ate the ice cream, but many people did. Then Paul saw Red near the nutella and chocolate chips. “Don’t worry, Daddy,” he said, “I’m not getting more ice cream.”

He was true to his word. He did not get more ice cream. He made a bowlful of nutella and chocolate chips soup.

Parenting Tip #62: when your child says “don’t worry” you should not only worry, but pay close attention to what’s going on.

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